Antenatal Care and Maternity Care

All of our doctors and Nurse Sheila Finnerty, have many years of experience helping expectant mothers through their pregnancies.

The practice has a particular ethos in the provision of high quality maternity and infant care and commits significant resources to its application. There is a focus on maternal and infant nutrition, support of breast feeding and promotion of proven preventative measures such as vaccination.

If you are planning a pregnancy it is advisable to consult with the doctor or midwife in the practice in advance in order to optimise your care. If you are pregnant we advise you to make an initial booking appointment with the practice midwife, if possible, not later than the 6th week of your pregnancy.

What happens at your first visit?

At your first visit you will be given information about folic acid and vitamin D supplements, nutrition, diet and food hygiene, along with information on lifestyle factors that may affect your health or the health of your baby such as smoking, recreational drug use and drinking alcohol. You will have baseline tests such as weight/urinalysis/ blood pressure/ blood tests and referred for combined ante natal care.

Your pregnancy will then be carefully monitored including your blood pressure, sugar, iron levels, blood count and regular urine checks. The combined care approach will monitor the health and positioning of your baby as pregnancy progresses including readings of the foetal heart rate and the pattern of foetal activity as you notice it.

At Dooradoyle Medical Centre we participate in the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme. This is a HSE funded scheme whereby an expectant mother can receive a certain number of visits related to pregnancy which will be covered by the state.

This is a combined medical service provided by your family doctor (GP) and a hospital obstetrician.
Care for other illnesses which you may have at this time, but which are not related to your pregnancy are not covered by the Scheme.

After the birth of the baby, the public health nurse will visit mother and baby in their home to give advice and support. If there are any particular concerns, the public health nurse will recommend a doctor visit. It is advised to register your baby for free GP care under the under 6 scheme as soon as possible after the birth of your baby. To do this visit and register under Dr. Boland. Please note you do not require a PPS number in order to complete your registration.

A six week check is included in your combined ante natal care and this is for both baby and mother. This requires a double appointment with both Nurse Sheila Finnerty and doctor. Please inform reception of the nature of your visit at time of booking.

We look forward to supporting and guiding you through this very special and exciting time!