Travel Vaccination

All Travel Vaccination Services provided Very competitively priced.

Travel Vaccinations appointments available 9-5 and after 5 by appointment.

Saturday Morning appointments available.

We are members of Irish Society Travel medicine.

All travel Vaccinations provided
Malaria Prophylaxis prescribed
We are an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre
Influenza Vaccinations

  1. What vaccines do I need ? Do I need malaria prevention?
    Please click here Or contact us at 061- 306922 or email for a travel vaccination appointment
  2. How much will my vaccines cost?
    Consultation cost of €60 plus cost of vaccine

Please see below for the prices of our most commonly administered vaccines.

Vaccine Name Protection against Administrations Cost
Revaxis Diphtheria + Tetanus + Polio 1 €35
Viatim Hepatitis A + Typhoid 1 €70
Yellow Fever Yellow Fever 1 €40
Havrix Hepatitis A 1 €45
Typhim Typhoid 1 €30

Rabies, Hep B Course : price available on request
Japanese B Encephalitis, Tick Borne Encephalitis : price available on request

The consultation cost is €60 per person.
Consultation cost includes Malaria prescription as needed.

Nontravel vaccinations

Vaccine Name Protection against Administrations Cost
Varivax Chickenpox 2 €100 per dose Vaccine provided
Bexsero Meningitis B 2-3 €30 per dose Vaccine not provided*
Flu Vaccine Influenza 1 €20

*collect prescription beforehand

Contact Details Tel: 061 306922 or email